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A place where you feel supported regardless of your fitness level. No Judgement, Just encouragement – its like belonging to a club; an encouraging, high fiving , welcoming, hometown proud club where our entire goal is to help you achieve yours!

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personal training

At Aurora Athletic Club training really is personal – it’s an investment in your single most important asset – yourself– and our entire goal is to help you achieve yours! Our certified personal trainers are hand-picked, have years of experience and are mentored to provide a level of service over and above the rest. Guaranteed.

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• Everyone at AAC is a VIP
• $0 Initiation fee
• Individual Day locker
• Hot Steam Rooms
• Access to all equipment
• Functional movement Turf area
• Access to Customized AAC App


• For the elite few, focused on personal training driven to achieve their goals in a specific time period
• 3 personal training sessions per week
• No monthly membership fee
• All privileges of VIP membership
• Permanent locker
• Priority PT bookings
• Nutrition consulting/monthly check-ins
• Access to Customized AAC App \


• VIP Package
• Call to arrange a consultation
• Pricing is pending # of employees
• Access to Customized AAC App


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