At Aurora Athletic Club training really is personal – its an investment in your single most important asset – yourself– and our entire goal is help you achieve yours! Our certified personal trainers are hand-picked, and have several years of experience and are mentored to provide a level of service over and above the rest. Guaranteed.

Kristen Large

Kristen Large is passionate about Health and Fitness and lives by example, following her 20 years of experience in the industry. Since 1999, Kristen has owned and operated a successful Personal Training business, published numerous Health and Fitness articles and has competed in 13 Figure/Bikini competitions. She has also recently been certified as a NASM nutrition coach. Through these experiences as well as continuous learning from her clients and other coaches, she has developed her own system to help clients of all walks of life effectively achieve their personal goals.

Elizabeth Bougadis

Elizabeth is an ACE certified personal trainer. Growing up playing competitive sports, she was able to identify and maintain her passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle. Over the years she dedicated the majority of her time in the gym where she has been able to continue to expand her knowledge on functional strength training which led her to get her personal training certification. Being able to share what she has learned with others and help them understand the importance of incorporating health and fitness into their everyday routine is something she has grown a passion for. Elizabeth is excited to start this new chapter at Aurora Athletic Club.

Sierra Muschett

Sierra Muschett is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified person trainer. Sierra graduated from Kent State University where she received a scholarship to play division 1 soccer. While at Kent state she received her Bachelor of Science, majoring in Integrated Health Studies and minoring in psychology. Based on her own athletic background, Sierra knows how crucial it is to live a healthy and active lifestyle and her main focus is helping others reach their goals while also giving them the tools to be able maintain those goals long term. Due to her experience working in the physiotherapy setting, Sierra strongly values mobility and functional movement, injury prevention and injury maintenance among the other key aspects of training such a strength, power, endurance, speed and agility.

Stefanie DiLena

Stefanie is a certified personal trainer who is passionate about all things related to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Stefanie has been a member at Aurora Athletic Club for many years and views this environment as the perfect place for growth both physically and mentally. Stefanie grew up playing many sports, and continues to play soccer to this day. With her commitment to maintaining an active lifestyle, Stefanie wants to bring that passion and motivation to her clients. Being able to use her knowledge and experience to help her clients reach new levels of strength and balance within their lives is something Stefanie continues to strive for! She is excited to continue to grow in the world of fitness and healthy living within the Aurora Athletic Club community.

Andrew Wilkins

Andrew focuses on improving the seven essential movement patterns to ensure consistent long-term progression. Andrew displays extensive knowledge and commitment to his work, and ultimately his clients. With his level of expertise, he will modify any exercise so you will receive maximal benefits in accordance with your fitness goals.

Robin Barkhouse

Robin Barkhouse has been a personal trainer for 30 years. He has been director of sales for Revolution nutrition in sports supplement industry for 25 years. Not only is he knowledgeable with how to train smart but diet and nutrition as well. Robin was a competor with the OPA with six shows under his belt, had a hockey career with ECHL league as a goalie, he plays professional roller hockey, lacrosse and baseball. He is an all around athlete with many years of experience in the industry. He practises what he preaches and lives a healthy lifestyle. He is the trainer to use to help you achieve your fitness goals with his years in the industry and extensive knowledge.

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Welcome to our Club, Make it yours

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