Here’s everything you really need to know about Java

If you take just one point away from this article, let it be this — commit. Commit yourself to a boot camp program or a self-directed study regimen. With enough willpower and dedication, you can accomplish anything. If you want to learn to how to become a java developer code, you can’t shy away from challenges. It’s not enough to simply watch a tutorial; you need to apply the concepts it teaches to your projects! But once the mind is focused on a task, mental inertia will begin to work in your favor.

To start with you can check out my list of 20 Java libraries every Java developer should know, which covers libraries from key areas like parsing, bytecode manipulation, concurrency, collections, etc. You can spend a good amount of 2020 to hone your testing skill in Java but those who are new to Java world and unit testing, JUnit is the best library to start with. The recent version JUnit 5 is both powerful and flexible and every Java developer should know that. Testing has also come a long way now with several tools for unit testing, integration testing, and automation testing available to Java developers. And, if you prefer books then I suggest you check Cloud Native Java by Josh Long, which provides a comprehensive guide for developing Java applications for the cloud. Though, I have left out some web stuff like learning JSF or Servlet 4.0 for another day to keep this list short and simple.

Which certification is best for java developers?

In my 20 years if experience, there are business needs that have to be met and the business cannot wait for IT to find a solution. Software (in the loosest sense) will get written, the only question is whether IT are involved and there is source control, versioning, documentation etc. When the business writes software, it uses Excel, so you better know how to dissect the mess you are about to inherit.

In short, if you want to become a coder or software developer, you must know version control tools like Git or SVN. Java has a large and active community of developers, and numerous resources are available for learning and using the language, including books, online courses, and developer tools. Many tools and resources are available for Java developers, and it’s important to know which ones to use to be productive and efficient. Some popular Java development tools include Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA.

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After all, a proper naming scheme is even more important than excellent code comments. This is because Java programmers often neglect that part of their work and forget to update the comment when changing the code, leading to further confusion. Now we can move on to the things that you can do to really help improve your practical coding skills. There are many different technologies, integration tools, and frameworks in the Java ecosystem. If you want to become an expert in this field, your tech stack should be as comprehensive and versatile as possible. According to The PYPL Popularity of Programming Language Index, in 2024, Java was the second most popular language in the world, and its use has grown by 1.2% compared to last year.

what every java developer should know

Using database management systems (DBMS) in development is important. Therefore, a good developer is expected to be familiar with the options out there. You should acquaint yourself with offerings like Oracle, MongoDB and MySQL.


This ensures the application runs the same, regardless of where the container is deployed meaning that you can package or integrate. Basically it is like the program works the same no matter where you use the box. Explore the top 10 essential tools and technologies shaping Java development, offering efficiency, innovation, and robust functionality. While Java development is a team sport, Java developers complete many of their daily tasks alone. Naturally, when hiring a Java developer, look for someone who can manage their schedule, stay focused, and deliver work with little oversight. As Java developers must work together to resolve issues, launch new programs, or update programs, you’ll need someone to work in a team.

what every java developer should know

The main goal is to improve code quality and maintainability by catching issues early in the development process. Testing tools are the tools which support various types of testing, ranging from unit testing to integration testing and beyond that build the test cases according to the boundary conditions of your application. A popular open-source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with vast plugins and community support, those are primarily used for Java development. Whereas, the Eclipse IDE also supports other languages as well. Eclipse remains one of the most popular Java IDEs in the world, largely because of its flexibility, as it’s free to use (open-source), and the promotes a strong community. Next, you’ll want to practice your new Java skills and build a portfolio to show potential employers.

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